About Us

Asian Machinery USA, Inc. is a registered corporation in 1,993 in Miami, Florida, United States. Our mission is to advise and provide services to companies located in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We are a leading company dedicated to the plastic and packaging industry, strategically located in the city of Miami, a mecca of industry and commerce, with easy access to all countries in the world. We have extensive experience in the Asian market, where our management travels constantly and has relationships, knowledge and adequate resources to provide our customers with more personalized attention.

As an international company, we have a globalization policy, associated with companies certified ISO-9001 and / or ISO-9002, mainly from Taiwan and China.

We produce equipment with imported high technology components based on our own technical specifications, achieving low costs and a product that meets the expectations and demands of our customers.

We have highly qualified personnel that offer technical assistance to develop customer projects and provide solutions to their needs. We also offer a strict control of quality and logistics of the offices, thus achieving the full satisfaction of each of our customers.

A large number of clients in Latin America and the Caribbean support us and are our best letter of introduction.

We hope to earn your trust and attend to it in a timely manner.